Search Engine: System Requirements

The following requirements are for the Search Engine.

Hardware Specifications

The hardware requirements for the Search Engine depend on the type of data you want to content index. For detailed information about the hardware requirements for the Search Engine software, see Search and Analytics: System and Hardware Requirements.


It is important to review the hardware requirements for the Search Engine because when the index size of the Search Engine reaches 50% of the available disk space, the Search Engine node is automatically placed in search-only mode. For information about search-only mode, see Search Engine Node in Search Only Mode.

For requirements about content indexing file system data from backups, review the following sizing recommendations:

Content indexing file system data from backups




Source data size per node

Based on the following assumptions:

  • The average file size is 1 MB

  • 50% of documents are eligible for content indexing

  • There is only one version of the file

160 TB

80 TB

40 TB

Objects per node (estimated)

30 million

15 million

7.5 million


32 cores

16 cores

8 cores


64 GB

32 GB

16 GB

Disk space

12 TB

6 TB

3 TB


To get higher scalability for content indexing files from backups, you can turn off the generate previews option on the Search Engine node. When generate previews is off, each search node can accommodate approximately twice the number of objects per node. For example, in a large enterprise, this would be approximately 40 TB of source data (about 60 million objects), and the required disk space is 15% of source data (up to 6 TB).


During the installation of this software component, the File System Agent is installed if it is not already installed. See the system requirements for the Microsoft Windows File System Agent.

.NET Framework

.NET Framework 4.0 is automatically installed. Note that .NET Framework 4.0 can co-exist with other versions of this software.

Windows x64 MediaAgent

The Search Engine requires the use of a Windows x64 version MediaAgent.


Certain third-party software and service releases (together, “Releases”) may not be supported by Commvault. You are solely responsible for ensuring Commvault’s products and services are compatible with any such Releases.