Setting a Licensing Limit for Tenants

You can limit the size of data that is backed up for the tenants in a client computer group by setting a quota limit at the client computer group level.

The size of data backed up by the client computer group is calculated once a day at midnight (CommServe time) or when the Commvault services are restarted. For information on how the size of the backed up data is calculated, see Capacity License - Capacity Calculation: Backup.

The quota limit for client groups applies to all applications in your environment.

Before You Begin

Enable the licensing limit feature.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Client Computer Groups.

  2. Right-click the client computer group and then click Properties.

    The Client Group dialog box appears.

  3. On the Advanced Settings tab, in the Quota Limit box, enter the limit in gigabytes for this client computer group.

  4. Click OK.


When the limit is exceeded, the administrator receives an email notification for the Client Groups Exceeding Assigned License Limits alert and the backup jobs are placed in a waiting state and are tagged with an error code and error description: Client group capacity limit is exceeded. To restart the backup jobs, increase the limit.