Stopping a Service on Windows Clients

You can stop a Commvault service on Windows clients using the Commvault Process Manager.


All services should be in the running state to successfully backup and restore data. Therefore, it is recommended not to stop a service unless absolutely necessary.

Before You Begin

  • From the Job Controller, verify that no jobs (such as backup or restore) are in progress. If a job is in the running or waiting state, use the Job Controller to suspend or kill the job before stopping the services. Alternately, you can wait for the job to complete.

  • Stopping either the CommServe services or the Base services stops all operations on the computer.


Use the following steps to stop a running service:

  1. Click Start and point to All Programs.

  2. Click Commvault > Process Manager.

  3. Under the Services tab, right-click a running service and then click Stop.

    A message appears that asks if you want to stop the services.

  4. Click Yes.