Support for FusionStorage

You can deploy Commvault to protect FusionCompute workloads running as part of a hyper-converged solution on FusionStorage.


When FusionCompute runs as part of a hyper-converged solution on FusionStorage, it operates similarly to an on-premises deployment of FusionCompute, with the following exceptions:

  • For FusionStorage deployments, the Virtual Server Agent must be installed on at least one FusionStorage node within a FusionStorage cluster.

    The Virtual Server Agent must be installed on the Domain 0 host (Dom0).

    A single VSA proxy can be used throughout a FusionStorage cluster, but you can deploy additional proxies as needed for your environment.

    Windows proxies are not supported.

  • Physical disks from the FusionStorage nodes are presented to the cluster as a shared datastore.

  • Because the FusionCompute SDK does not support operations with FusionStorage, Commvault uses a Java SDK and command-line utilities to access disks.

    In addition to standard Commvault logs, FusionStorage.log contains a record of the commands used and their verbose output.

  • FusionStorage uses a bitmap volume to track changes to allocated blocks on storage volumes. For that reason, in FusionStorage deployments Commvault tracks allocated blocks and does not provide changed block tracking (CBT).