System Requirements for Edge Drive

Before you configure an Edge Drive, review the following requirements:

  • You need a Web Server and one or more Web Consoles installed in your CommCell. For instructions, see Installing the Web Console.

    To allow instant file downloads after you upload the files, use a single Web Server for edge drive access from the Web Console. If you use multiple Web Servers for Edge Drive access, the files uploaded to one Web Server are available for download on the other Web Servers after a small delay.

  • For large enterprises, the Web Server used for the Web Console must have a minimum of 1 TB of disk space allocated for the restore cache directory. For more information on hardware requirements, see Hardware Specifications for Web Server.

  • Install a separate Web Server for Edge Drive configuration. See Preinstallation Checklist for the Web Server.

  • To add and to reply to comments on files in the Edge Drive, verify that you have the MongoDB component on the Web Server, or on any standalone server in your CommCell environment.

  • Install the Index Store package on the Web Server used for Edge Drive configuration. The Index Store is used for index related operations for Edge Drive. See Install the Index Store Package.

    You will associate the Index Store client to the Edge Drive Index Server.

  • The computer where Index Store is configured for Edge Drive must meet the following requirements:

System Components

Minimum Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 x64 Editions and higher


All Windows-compatible processors are supported.



Available local hard disk space

  • 20 GB for the installation directory

  • 600GB SSD disk for the Index Directory


  • Must have a Web Server installed

  • Java version 10


No other roles can be configured on the Index Server

  • Verify the ports used by the Commvaultsoftware and third-party applications. For more information, see Required Ports.