Third-Party Port Mappings (TPPM or Network Proxy)

In addition to the network routes configured in your CommCell setup, you can also establish connectivity between CommCell computers on third-party ports using existing firewall tunnels. These ports are used by third-party applications. They are not configured using Commvault network routes.

The Third-Party Port Mapping (TPPM) configuration allows you to set up a port in the destination computer, and map it to a local port in the source computer, to listen for incoming connections. This configuration is also referred as port forwarding.

You can configure TPPM from the CommCell Console.


  • All TPPM configurations require that Commvault network route settings are configured in your CommCell environment. For more information, see Configuring Network Routes.

  • If you are setting up group-to-group firewall connectivity through a network gateway using a predefined network topology, the Servers to use network gateways for all traffic (for servers) or the Laptops will automatically use network gateways to connect to all Infrastructure machines (for laptops) option is not supported with TPPM.