Tools & Utilities

Several tools and utilities are provided with Commvault software.

Developer Tools

Our Developer Tools are a set of application development and business intelligence tools that support a variety of development approaches, technology platforms, and operating systems, to facilitate the development of applications as modular business services that can be easily integrated and reused in your enterprise.

Events Organizer

Events Organizer is a web-based application for creating and managing corporate events such as conferences, seminars, or exhibitions. You can also generate reports for tracking and monitoring events and surveys.

Administration Tools and Utilities

GxTail is a tool for troubleshooting Commvault jobs by analyzing log file contents. It provides many features to help reduce your debugging time, such as filtering out messages that are less relevant, and highlighting those that pertain to the issue.

DBMaintenance is a utility for performing maintenance or troubleshooting queries on the CommServe database.