Troubleshooting Feature Release and Maintenance Release Installations

USP0001: Installation of Updates Fail on Client Computers


The installation of an update on a client fails with the following error message:

Client was skipped because updates for this client require a reboot. Re-submit the job and check the Reboot Client checkbox.

If you are installing a driver update and the computer does not reboot automatically, then the update install will fail.


Select the Reboot Client check box in the Install Updates Options dialog box, and then resubmit the job. This option ensures that the CommServe, MediaAgent, or client computers automatically reboot after the updates are installed.

Troubleshooting - USP0002: Failed to Update Software through the CommCell Console on a Recently Upgraded Cluster Client


In Version 9 and older versions of Commvault, you could install agents directly on the virtual node of the cluster. In Version 10 and more recent versions of Commvault, you must install agents on the physical nodes of the cluster.

After you upgrade a cluster environment, if some agents were directly installed on virtual nodes, then you might not be able to successfully install updates and feature releases on the cluster client from the CommCell Console. The installation of updates on agents that were installed on virtual nodes will fail.


Install the agents on the physical nodes of the cluster from the CommCell Console. After the agents are installed, install the updates on the cluster client again.