Uninstalling Version 8 UNIX Clients

You can uninstall the Commvault Version 8 software that you installed on deprecated UNIX computers.


  1. Log on to the computer as root.

  2. At the command line, go to the installation directory. For example, /opt/simpana.

  3. Set and export the AUTHENTICATED_THIS_SESSION variable by running the following commands:

  4. Uninstall the software by running the following command:


    Make sure to force the uninstallation.

What to Do Next

  1. Deconfigure the client from the CommCell Console.

    Deconfiguring the client is the process of releasing the licenses used by the client. For instructions, see Releasing a License (Deconfiguration).

  2. Delete the client from the CommCell Console. For instructions, see Deleting a Client Computer.