Updating Server Packages Using the Database Upgrade Tool - Linux

You can use the Database Upgrade tool to update the CommServe and Web Server (DM2) databases to the latest Commvault version.

This procedure is intended for users who need to update the CommServe computer or Web Server as part of the hardware refresh process. You must run the tool after the database is restored on the new hardware.

Before You Begin

  • The latest version of the server package (CommServe or Web Server) must be already installed. The Database Upgrade tool is available with the server package that you installed.

  • Download latest service pack files to a directory in the computer where the tool was installed. For instructions, see Downloading Installation Media.

    You will need to provide the location of the directory when performing the database upgrade.


  1. On the computer where you installed the server package, go to the Base directory of the Commvault instance. This is typically /opt/commvault/Base.

  2. Make sure that DatabaseUpgrade binary and DBProducts.ini are present in the directory.

  3. Run the following command from the Base directory:

    ./DatabaseUpgrade -instance <InstanceName> -ProductName <ProdName> -PhaseName <PhaseName> -ClientName <ClientName> -DBBackupDir <DBBackupDirectory> -log <LogDirectory> -resume -repair -runDBMaintenance


    <InstanceName> is the name of the instance (for example, Instance001)

    <ProdName> is the name of the product (supported names: HistoryDB, CacheDB, CommServer, DM2, CVCloud, UsageHistoryDB, WFEngine, AppStudioDB, ResourceMgrDB)

    <PhaseName> is the name of the phase (supported names: PreUpgrade, MainUpgrade, PostUpgrade, All)

    <ClientName> is the name of the client

    <DBBackupDirectory> is the directory in which to put the database backups before starting the database upgrade

    <LogDirectory> is the directory in which DatabaseUpgrade.log and its supported log files will be created


    • The switch -resume is optional. Pass this switch only when you have to resume a failed upgrade.

    • The switch -repair is optional. Pass this switch only when you have to repair the database.

    • The switch -runDBMaintenance is optional. Pass this when you need to run DBMaintenance.

    For example, to run the database upgrade tool on the "CommServer" database in the "ProductionCS" client with "MainUpgrade" phase under instance "Instance001", you would enter the following command:

    ./DatabaseUpgrade -instance Instance001 -ProductName CommServer -PhaseName MainUpgrade -ClientName ProductionCS -DBBackupDir /opt/commvaultDB/bkup -log /var/log/commvault/Log_Files