Upgrading the CommServe Computer

You can upgrade the CommServe computer using one of the following methods, based on your requirement.

Upgrade to the Latest Feature Release

To upgrade the CommServe computer to the latest feature release, select one of the following upgrade procedures:


  • You can upgrade any version of Commvault to the latest feature release.

  • Commvault recommends installing the most recent LTS feature release. For more information, see Feature Releases.

Upgrade with Hardware Refresh

If your CommServe computer is old or deprecated, you can move the CommServe database to a new hardware during the upgrade. For more information, see CommServe Upgrade with Hardware Refresh.

Upgrade in a Disaster Recovery Environment

If your CommCell environment uses a disaster recovery configuration, you can configure the CommServe LiveSync feature for Disaster Recovery. For more information, see Upgrade in a Disaster Recovery Environment.