Use Software Compression to Save Storage Space

Data compression options are provided for data secured by data protection operations. Compression reduces the quantity of data sent to storage, often doubling the effective capacity of the media (depending on the nature of the data). If the data is later restored, the system automatically decompresses the data and restores it to its original state.

The following data compression options are provided:

  • Software compression which includes options to compress the data in the:

    • Client

    • MediaAgent

  • Hardware compression for libraries with tape media at the individual data path

    Hardware compression takes priority and will pre-empt software compression when backing up directly to tape. If hardware compression is enabled for a data path, then all data conducted through that data path is compressed using the hardware compression. If hardware compression is disabled for a data path, then the data is handled in accordance with the software compression selection of each subclient that backs up to the data path.


Data Compression is supported by all agents.