Viewing Job Schedules

You can view job schedules from the Scheduler or directly from an entity.

  • Scheduler: Provides a calendar view that lists the jobs scheduled for each day. By default, the Scheduler displays all of the jobs scheduled for the CommCell. You can customize the schedule view by setting filters.

  • Entity: Provides a list of jobs scheduled for the entity. The following entities have a Schedules window:

    • CommServe

    • Client and client group

    • Agent

    • Backup Set

    • Subclient

    • Library


From an Entity
  • From the CommCell Browser, right-click the entity, and then click View > Schedules.

    All of the scheduled jobs for the entity are listed in the Schedules window.

From the Scheduler
  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Home tab, click Scheduler.

    The Scheduled Jobs calendar appears.

  2. Choose how you want to view the data:

    • To see the schedule names, times, and other details, double-click a day.

    • To see high-level schedule information, in the upper left of the calendar, click Monthly.

  3. Optional: To limit the data in either the monthly or details view, in the Filter pane, choose filters.

    Note: To clear your filters, in the lower right of the Filter pane, click Reset Applied Filter.

  4. To close the Scheduled Jobs calendar, click the X in the upper right of the window.