Virtualize Me - Windows - Overview


Virtualize Me converts any physical computer into a virtual machine. You can also create a clone of a virtual machine using this feature. A clone is a virtual replica of a computer.

Key Features

Quick Conversion

Convert any computer into a virtual machine quickly and reliably.

Disaster Recovery

Use the backup that is available on the media to create a virtual machine when the physical computer is unavailable because of a hardware or network failure.

Point-In-Time Backup

Use a backup that was performed at any point in time to create the virtual machine.

Support for Block-Level Backups

Perform a recovery operation from block-level backups. Restores from block-level backups are faster. In addition, data integrity is ensured because block-level backups take a snapshot of the entire volume.

Customize the Client Configuration

Customize the client configuration, such as disk configuration, network configuration, or disk provisioning before you create the virtual machine.