SharePoint Online


You can use the Commvault software to back up and restore SharePoint Online.


Data You Can Back Up

  • Documents

  • Libraries

  • Lists and list items

  • Sites and subsites

  • Pages, permissions, forms, versions, templates, settings, and views

  • Web parts and customizations

    • SharePoint Online Office 365 Group site files, which includes the document library.

    • Wiki page library containing the Team data.

Note: You cannot back up a SharePoint app.

Backups You Can Perform

  • Forever incremental

When You Can Perform Backups

  • On a schedule: The server backup plan that you assign to the SharePoint Online app manages scheduled backups

  • On demand: You can perform on-demand backups at any time


Backups You Can Use for Restores

  • Backups from any date/time, including the most recent backup

Destinations You Can Restore To

  • The current location (in place)

  • A different SharePoint site (out of place)

  • A disk


During backups and restores, both basic authentication and modern authentication can be used to access user data.