Disaster Recovery


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Commvault Disaster Recovery brings simplified, flexible, and scalable disaster recovery to your organization, providing you with DR automation, replication, and cost-optimized cloud data mobility. With support for multiple data types – including applications, containers, virtual machines and hypervisors – along with multi-cloud integration, one-click failover, multi-tenancy support, live replication, and intuitive reporting, Commvault allows you to protect and recover your entire data environment, wherever it resides. By enabling you to reuse your protected data through copy data management, Commvault provides a cost-effective means to extract more business value from your data, for such things as DevOps, testing, and analytics, helping to reduce storage costs and improve business outcomes.

How DR Works

The DR solution is based on replication. When you create a replication group, the software automatically creates all the components—such as plans, groups, and schedules—that are required to maintain and run replication jobs for the workloads that you specify.

Replication jobs are controlled by replication groups that you can configure to update either periodically or continuously.

  • The periodic replication method involves taking and cleaning up snapshots frequently on the source VM and requires less bandwidth.

  • The continuous replication method continuously streams updates from source to destination VMs so that the destination VM is always current. You can use the continuous replication method with VMware-to-VMware replication groups.