Types of Scans Performed on Backed Up Data in File Storage Optimization


When data that was backed up is scanned for File Storage Optimization, the scan is either a quick scan or a full scan. Server groups are scanned by using quick scans. File system servers are scanned by using either quick scans or full scans. For file system servers, the type of scan is selected when the file system server is added as a data source.

Quick Scans

Applies to: File system servers and server groups

A quick scan is faster than a full scan but does not include file ownership information and security data. Not including file ownership and security data affects the following dashboards:

  • The File security dashboard is not available.

  • Tiles related to file ownership and security data are not available on the File ownership, Size distribution, and server overview dashboards unless data was backed up using the Catalog ACL (end user access control list) option. For information about the cataloging option, see Restricting User Access with Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Full Scan

Applies to: File system servers

A full scan takes longer than a quick scan but includes file ownership information and security data. All dashboards and dashboards tiles are available.

If you configured your file server data source to perform a quick scan, you can update the quick scan to a full scan from the data source details page or from the File security dashboard. The data from the quick scan is pruned, and then the full scan is performed.

Caution: Full scans cannot be converted back to quick scans.