Searching for Entities Across Multiple CommCell Environments


If you have multiple service CommCell environments registered in a CommCell environment, you can use the global search bar to find entities (such as servers, VMs, and users) across all the service CommCell environments.


  1. In the global search bar at the top of the Command Center, enter text to search for the entity.

    As you type, a list of matching entities appears.

  2. To see which CommCell environment an entity belongs to, hold the pointer over the entity.

    For example, in the image below, the Server plan schedule policy belongs to the scalemachine3 CommCell environment.

  3. To go to the entity in the CommCell environment, click the entity in the search results.

    In a new browser tab, the software logs on to the Command Center of the CommCell environment, and goes to the entity page.

Managing Service CommCells