Recovery Target Options for Google Cloud Platform


When you configure a recovery target for Google Cloud Platform, provide Google Cloud Platform-specific values for the destination site.

  • Select vendor: Select Google Cloud Platform.

  • Application type: Replication is selected automatically.

  • Recovery target name: Enter a descriptive name for the destination (for example, DR site 1).

  • Destination hypervisor: Select the destination project.

  • Access node: Select an access node to use for replication to the destination project.

  • Users and user groups: Select items from the list and click OK to associate users or user groups with the recovery target.

  • Instance display name: Select Prefix or Suffix, and then enter a text string that will be appended to the original display name to create new destination instance names.

  • Primary zone: Select a primary zone for the disk.

  • Secondary zone: Select a secondary zone for the disk. This option is applicable only if the source instance has a regional disk configured.

  • External IP: To assign a public IP address to the instances, select this check box.

  • Users and user groups: Select the users and/or user groups that can use this recovery target.