Hosting Dynamic Apps on a Universal Command Center


You can host dynamic apps for service CommCells on a universal Command Center. MSP administrators can access the Command Center and the Web Console for different service CommCell environments on the universal Command Center.


  1. Log on to the universal Command Center.

  2. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > System.

    The System page appears.

  3. Click the Service CommCells tile.

    The Service CommCells page appears.

  4. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Add service CommCell.

    The Add service CommCell dialog box appears.

  5. Click CommCell for user authentication through IdP CommCell.

  6. In the Service CommCell host name box, enter the host name or the IP address of the CommCell environment.

  7. In the Username box, enter the username of the user.

  8. In the Password box, enter the password of the user.

  9. To host the dynamic apps for the service CommCell environment on all the universal Command Center computers, move the Host apps on universal Command Centers toggle key to the right.

  10. Click Save.

What to Do Next

If there is a firewall between the service CommCell web servers and the universal Command Centers, then verify that the service CommCell web server is able to connect to the universal Command Center on port 8403. For more information, see Port Requirements for Commvault.