Data Views for the Archive Job Statistics


This report includes charts and archived jobs table.

Actions Over Time

The Actions Over Time chart displays the number of stubbed files and stubbing-skipped files over time. By default, the Archive Job Statistics Report displays archive job log data for one week. You can change the time range to display the report for the last 15minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 month, or 1 year. 

Reasons for Failure Over Time

The Reasons for Failure Over Time chart displays the number of failures due to reasons such as indexing results, disk cleanup rules, file not found and file has changed (mtime) since backup.


The Process chart displays the user that performed the highest number of archive jobs over a period of time.

Archive Jobs

This table includes information for archive jobs. You can add or remove columns from the table.



Archived from

The client from where the archive jobs were initiated.


The client on which the stubbed files are present.

Time range

The date and time that the archive job was initiated.


The name of the archived file.


The name of the process that initiated archive jobs. For example, GXHSMStub.


The files that got stubbed.


The reason for a pending or failed archive jobs.