Configuring Data Sources for One Report on Web Console


You can configure remote CommServe computers and third-party databases as data sources for a single report using the Web Console. You can set the data sources for a particular report that you created or a report that you downloaded from the Commvault Store.

Before You Begin

  • To add a data source, your CommCell user account requires a role with the Add Datasource permission and an association with the CommCell entity.

    The Delete Datasource, Edit Datasource, and Query Datasource permissions are automatically assigned when you add a data source.

    For more information on users, permissions, and associations, see User Administration and Security - Overview.

  • If the Private Metrics Reporting Server cannot connect to the CommServe computer, or if you have a firewall between the remote CommServe computer and the Private Metrics Reporting Server, then you must establish a connection using the CommCell Console. For instructions, see Configuring CommServes as Data Sources on CommCell Console.


  1. Log on to the Web Console, and then click Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  2. Click a report.

  3. At the top of the page, select File > Edit.

    The Report Builder appears.

  4. On the Data Sets tab, next to a data set, click Edit .

    The Edit Data Set dialog box appears.

  5. In the Data Sources list, select the data source that you want to use for the report.

  6. In the Databases list, select the database that you want to use for the report.

  7. Click Preview.

  8. Click Done.

  9. At the top of the page, click Save, and then click Deploy.