Configuring SLA Days at the Client Group Level


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You can configure the SLA Days option on a client group.

By default, Service Level Agreement (SLA) is set to calculate data over 30 days at the CommCell level, and the client groups are set to use the CommCell-level setting. If you change the SLA days setting at the client group level, clients in that group will use the client-group-level setting, instead of the CommCell-level setting. If the client belongs to multiple client groups, then the setting with the fewest number of days will apply.


  1. In the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computer Groups, right-click a Client Group, and then select Properties.

    The Client Group dialog box is displayed.

  2. On the Advanced Settings tab, under SLA, select any of the options for configure SLA:

    • To use the SLA days setting configured at the CommCell node, select Use CommCell level settings.

    • To configure SLA days for this client group, select SLA for last, and then from the Days list, select the number of days that you want to calculate the SLA percentage for.

    • To remove this client group from the SLA calculation, select Exclude from SLA.

  3. Click OK.