Data Views for the File Activity Anomaly


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The File Activity Anomaly report provides detailed information about file-related user activities that are flagged as anomalous, based on past user activities. For example, user activity such as deleting a large number of files or creating a large number of files might be flagged as anomalous.

File IO Anomaly

This table displays information, such as software installed and status, for each client computer in the CommCell environment.



Client Name

The client computer.


The type of anomalous activity, such as the following:

  • Created

  • Modified

  • Renamed

  • Deleted

Detected Time

The time when the anomaly was detected.

Created Files

The number of files created at the detected time.

Deleted Files

The number of files deleted at the detected time.

Rename Files

The number of files renamed at the detected time.

Modified Files

The number of files modified at the detected time.


To enable Data Aging operations on the client computer, click Clear.

A File Activity Cleared notification is sent to you.