Health Report: DDB Disk Space Utilization


This report provides information about the amount disk space for each deduplication database (DDB).

To view this report:

  • In the Health Report, in the DDB Disk Space Utilization tile, click View Details .



    DDB Name

    The name of the deduplication database where space is calculated.


    The name of the MediaAgent that is associated with the deduplication database.

    DDB Path

    The name and location of the deduplication database path.

    Size of DDB Path

    The size of the deduplication database.

    Total Space of DDB Disk

    The total amount of space on the DDB disk.

    Free Space of DDB Disk

    Amount of free space on the DDB disk.

    Date to be Full

    The date when the DDB disk will be full based on previous use.


    An indication of the status of the cloud library, such as Good, Warning or Critical.

    You can click on the link to view an explanation of these statuses.