Data Views for the MediaAgent Health


This table provides specific information about MediaAgent usage during the displayed times.



Data Source

Name of the CommServe Computer.

Media Agent

Name of the MediaAgent.

Day Begin

Specifies the start time for this day.

Day End

Specifies the end time for this day.

Dash Data (GB)

Amount of data transferred to media using DASH (Deduplication Accelerate Streaming Hash) Copy.

Data on Cloud Library (GB)

Amount of data transferred to cloud libraries.

Data on Tape Library (GB)

Amount of data transferred to tape libraries.

Data on Disk

Amount of data copied on disk libraries.

Data on Library (GB)

Total amount of data transferred to all libraries, including cloud, tape, and disk.

Count of DDB

Number of sub stores that the MediaAgent hosts.

DDB Backup Success Count

Number of successful deduplication database backups transferred to media.

DDB Backup Failure Count

Number of failed deduplication database backups.

Total Job Processed

Total number of backup jobs processed through the MediaAgent.

Total Clients Processed

Total number of clients using the MediaAgent to process backup jobs.

Total Drives Used

Total number of drives accessed.

Read Throughput (GB/Hour)

Amount of data read by the MediaAgent.

Write Throughput (GB/Hour)

Amount of data written to media by the MediaAgent.