Disaster Recovery for HIPAA


This section describes how the Commvault  software addresses the following HIPAA rules:

  • “Establish (and implement as needed) procedures for obtaining necessary electronic protected health information during an emergency.” (Emergency access procedure, Section 164.312(a)(2)(ii))

CommCell disaster recovery is a set of procedures that you use to prepare for and recover from a CommCell Console disaster.

CommCell Console Disaster Recovery

 A CommCell Console disaster can be defined as:

  • Loss of CommServe functionality (the CommServe host or services failure)

  • Loss of access to storage resources (the MediaAgent or library failure)

  • Loss of a production service (client or application failure) resulting from lost or corrupted data.

Restoring functionality for your organization can mean replacing failed or old hardware, reinstalling software, renaming hosts, changing IP addresses (licensing), importing tapes, or restoring the CommCell database. Any disaster recovery scenario that you design involves restoring functionality of one or more of these components.

CommCell Console Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) types are defined by your organization’s Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). The degree of preparedness for disaster determines your success in achieving these objectives.

Based on your objectives, you can run disaster recovery backups and build a standby CommServe host to prepare for a disaster.

For a comprehensive description of the Commvault Disaster Recovery features, see CommCell Disaster Recovery.