Compliance Search and Legal Hold for HIPAA


This section describes how the Commvault  software addresses the following HIPAA rules:

  • "Implement policies and procedures to protect electronic protected health information from improper alteration or destruction.” (Integrity, Section 164.312(c)(1))

Administrators can identify a specific set of information to be retained for a specific length of time.

identify and segregate relevant data that is found during a data discovery operation and preserve it for a long term.

The Legal Hold feature uses a highly accurate policy based approach to search and restore legal information from backups and archives or any electronically found data (for example emails and files) and retain a subset of the data for long term retention. This feature is especially useful, when you have to search legal data from multiple retention policies and archive them to a Legal Hold with a specific retention policy.

For a comprehensive description of the Commvault Two-Factor Authentication feature, see Advanced Search - Legal Hold.


Use the Compliance Search feature to:

  • Perform data searches.

  • Review the results before you begin to add data to an Export Set, a Review Set, and Legal Hold.

  • Determine the location of potentially relevant information, and categorize it by factors, that include data type, size, and location.

  • Determine the custodian of data, and map the data to computers, shares, and data repositories.

Collection and Preservation

Use the Compliance Search feature to:

  • Backup and content index the data from workstations, laptops, network shares, email servers, databases, and structured data repositories, incliuding SharePoint and Documentum.

  • Filter data for a backup and content indexing so that only the relevant information is collected.

  • Collect and process data with no disruption to the original files.

  • Handle large data sets

  • Index both the document metadata and content

For a comprehensive description of the Commvault Compliance Search feature, see Compliance Officers - Overview.