Setting Up the Commvault Proxy for the Service Provider


In a multi-tenanted CommCell environment, tenants often reside in separate networks with one or more firewalls between the client and the CommServe. To permit secure connections back to the shared multi-tenant Commvault platform, install a Commvault proxy computer within the tenant network to direct traffic over accepted ports and protocols.

You must set up the Commvault proxy and configure incoming and outgoing connections between the proxy and the CommServe computer.

Before You Begin

Complete the Endpoint Solution Setup Wizard on the Command Center. The setup wizard creates a placeholder client for the proxy.


  1. Follow the instructions in Setting Up Network Gateway Connections Using a Predefined Network Topology.

    The placeholder client is now configured.

  2. Install the following Commvault software on the proxy by using any of the methods listed in Installation Methods.

    • File System Agent

    • Web Console

    • CommCell Console


    • During the installation, you must specify a local HTTP or HTTPS port number that the CommServe computer can use to open tunnel connections towards the proxy. For firewall instructions during the installation, see Setting Up Direct Connections from the CommServe Computer to the Client.

    • Write down the Tomcat port, because you will use it when you complete the configuration to use the Web Console through the proxy.

    • Write down the IIS port number, because you will use it when you publish the CommCell Console URL.


The Commvault proxy is ready to be used by the service provider.

What To Do Next

Configuring Network Route Settings on the CommServe Computer