Oracle E-Business Suite Migration: Deprecated



Migrating your on-site Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to Oracle cloud storage is deprecated.

For comprehensive information about deprecated products, see End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Products.

You can use the Commvault application migration feature to move your on-site Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to Oracle cloud storage.

Use the application migration feature in the following scenarios:

  • When you want to clone your Oracle EBS

  • When you want to move your production EBS to the cloud

Oracle EBS Tiers

Oracle EBS has three tiers that can contain multiple servers (also called nodes):

  • Database Tier: The server set that runs the Oracle database application

  • Application Tier: The server set that runs the business logic applications such as form services

  • Desktop Tier: The server set that runs web browsers

How Commvault Software Moves Oracle EBS to the Cloud

The Commvault software moves Oracle EBS from the nodes to the cloud by automatically performing the following operations:

  • Provisioning the compute nodes (VMs) on the cloud for the Database Tier node and the Application Tier node.

  • Provisioning the compute node storage to accommodate the Oracle EBS data and the application.

  • Configuring the data protection software on the source and destination to handle the application data movement to the cloud.

  • Replicating incremental changes when needed. For example, the software replicates any changes that were made after the start of migration.

  • Validating the data after migration.

Supported Configuration

The Commvault software supports the following configuration:

  • Oracle EBS version : 12.1.3, 12.2.x ( 12.2.2 to 12.2.6 )

  • A single-node Database Tier

  • A multi-node Application Tier

You must install the Commvault Oracle Agent software on the Database Tier node and the Commvault File System Agent software on all Application Tier Nodes.