Editing an Email Template


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You can edit predefined email templates and user-created email templates. To make a copy of the email template before you edit it, see Cloning an Email Template.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Customization > Email templates.

    The Email Templates page appears.

  2. In the Name column, click the template name.

    The Edit template page appears.

  3. Edit the template:

    • Name: The name of the template.

      Each template must have a unique name.

    • Description: An explanation which email message the template is used for.

    • Company: The company the template is used for.

      If your environment includes multiple companies, you can create different templates for each company.

    • Email Type: The type of email message the template is used for. (This option is available when you add or clone a template.)

    • Template locale: The language that is used in the email message.

      Note: If you change the template locale, you must also click Restore Default under the Subject and Body to update the locale setting.

    • Customized address fields: The email addresses to use.

      To use the system values, leave the customized address fields blank.

    • Subject: The subject of the email message.

      To set the subject to the system default value, click Restore default.

    • Body: The body of the email message.

      • To add placeholders to the email body, click Token, and then click a placeholder.

        For example, if you add $ADMINISTRATOR_NAME$, it is replaced by the name of the administrator when the email message is sent.

      • To add predefined header and footer information to your email messages, add the $EMAIL_HEADER$ and $EMAIL_FOOTER$ tokens.

      • To set the body to the system default value, click Restore default.

  4. Optional: To preview the email message, click Preview email.

  5. Optional: To send a test email message, click Send test email.

  6. Click Save Template.