Accessing the Commvault Application for ServiceNow

You can launch the Commvault application from ServiceNow Navigator. The Commvault Web Console URL you enter to log on provides access to the associated Commvault deployment.

You can specify multiple Web Console URLs to provide access to different Commvault deployments.

Before You Begin

  • Configure a Management, Instrumentation, and Discovery Server (MID Server) by following the instructions in ServiceNow documentation pages for the ServiceNow release you are using. For example, you can use the MID Server installation (London) page to configure a MID Server for the London release.


    The MID Server does not need to be installed on the Commvault CommServe server.

  • The MID Server machine must have access to the Commvault Web Console URL.

  • Be prepared to enter the following information:

    • MID Server name. If you do not have the MID Server name, you can search for "MID Server" in the ServiceNow Navigator and get the name from the Servers list.

    • Commvault Web Console URL


  1. From ServiceNow Navigator, enter "sys_properties.list" in the Filter Navigator.

    The System Properties table appears.

  2. Set the Value of the x_mmvau_cvapp.cv_midservername property to the Mid Server Name, and then click Update.

  3. From ServiceNow Navigator, enter "Commvault Endpoints" in the Filter Navigator.

    The Commvault Endpoint page appears.

  4. Enter the Commvault Web Console Link (for example,, and the Commvault Web Console Display Name.

  5. From ServiceNow Navigator, click any option.

    The Commvault Login dialog box appears.

  6. Enter your CommCell username and password, and then select the CommCell from the Endpoint list.

  7. Click Login.