Cloud MediaAgent Power Management

You can configure the power management feature for a MediaAgent that is hosted on the cloud. Power management automatically turns on the MediaAgent for various operations, and then turns off the MediaAgent after an operation is complete. For manual operations, such as library configuration and operations that are performed based on requirement, you must manually turn on and turn off the MediaAgent.

Note: The power management feature is enabled on the CommServe by default. To enable or disable the feature, configure the Enable Cloud VM Management feature parameter available in the Service Configuration tab of the Media Management Configuration dialog box. For more information, see Media Management Configuration: Service Configuration.

Process for Setting Up Power Management

To set up power management, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Cloud Controller.

  2. Enable power management for the MediaAgent from the Command Center.


You are recommended to configure a proxy firewall between the CommServe and the MediaAgent.

For instructions, see Configuring a Firewall to Install the Virtual Server Agent on a Cloud VM or Instance.

Support for Versions, Operations, Vendors, and Platforms

Support for MediaAgent Version

You can perform power management for the MediaAgents upgraded to the latest feature release of the software.

Support for Operations

Operations for Which the System Automatically Turns On Cloud MediaAgents

Power management turns on cloud MediaAgents for the following operations:

  • Auxiliary copy operations

  • Backup operations

  • Restore operations

  • Pruning operations

Operations for Which You Must Manually Turn On Cloud MediaAgents

Power management does not turn on cloud MediaAgents for several operations. For these operations, you must manually turn on and turn off the MediaAgents. Few of the operations are listed below:

  • Creation of deduplication-enabled storage policies

  • Library configuration

  • Disaster recovery (DR) orchestration of virtual machines

  • Live Sync virtual machine replication

Support for Cloud Vendor Systems

You can use power management for the MediaAgents deployed on the following cloud vendor systems:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Google Cloud when the MediaAgent is on Feature Release 20 or higher.

  • Azure

  • VMware Cloud on AWS

  • VMware vCenter (On-Premise)

Support for Platforms

  • You can use power management for the MediaAgents hosted on both the Windows and UNIX platforms.