Creating a Custom Entity Type in Entity Manager

Entities are the personally identifiable information (PII) types that you can discover with Activate. You can create new entity types based on the built-in entity types available in Entity Manager, or you can create entirely new entity types based on your own regular expressions.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Activate.

    The Activate page appears.

  2. Under Settings, click the Entity Manager tile.

    The Entity manager page appears.

  3. To the right of Entity List, click Add entity.

  4. In the Entity Details section, in Entity Name, enter a name.

  5. Select the method for matching the new entity:




    Match based on Python regular expressions.

    You can use a Python regular expression to match the new type of personally identifiable information (PII) in the content.

    For example, to add an entity type for a custom ID number comprised of two upper-case alphabet characters followed by four digits (as in AB1234), enter [A-Z]{2}[0-9]{4}.

    For information about non-capturing groups and backslash characters, see Python Regular Expressions for Custom Entities. For more information about Python regular expressions, go to the Python documentation.

    1. In Regular Expression, enter the Python regular expression to match the entity.


      s: Test your regular expression by clicking the Regular expression link, and then entering the regular expression and sample text in the dialog box that appears.

    2. Optional: In Keywords, add one or more keywords that must appear within close proximity to the entity.

    Match based on built-in entity types.

    Many common entity types, such as dates and phone numbers, are built in to Entity Manager. You can select one of these entity types, and customize or narrow the match parameters using the Keyword field.

    For example, to create an entity for employment start date, select the Date entity and add keywords such as "employment" and "start". Only dates that have those keywords in close proximity in the content are identified as potential matches.

    1. Click the Derived From list and select an entity type.

    2. In Keywords, add one or more keywords that must appear within close proximity to the entity.

  6. Click the Sensitivity list, and then select a sensitivity level for the entity.

  7. Click Save.

    The entity name appears in the Entity List.

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