Data Retention


File Discovery, Archiving, and Migrating Data to Cloud is deprecated in this version. For more information about the Obsolescence Policy, see Obsolescence Policy.

Effective Release

11.21 (Version 11, Feature Release 21)


Instead of the File discovery feature, you can use the File Storage Optimization feature.

To archive your data using the Command Center, you can use Archiving Files.

This topic describes how long the files are retained on the disk. Synthetic full backups manage the retention of files.

If a file is not found in a backup because it was deleted, moved, or renamed, then the file is treated as a deleted item. Items that are moved from one location to another are also considered as deleted items.

Archiver Retention

The backup jobs within the plan that has a longer retention time in the plan are retained indefinitely in the storage media.

Backup Retention

The deleted items are retained for 2 years in the backup cycle. The time is calculated from the time when an incremental backup was performed after the file was deleted.