Disaster Recovery and Replication

To protect your data during a potential disaster or planned downtime, you can copy and sync data to multiple locations using the following Commvault replication features.

Virtual Machine Replication

Choose the best disaster recovery configuration for your environment from a variety of technologies:

  • Back up and replicate

  • Snapshot replication

  • Continuous replication using VMware VAIO

Database Replication

Recover from a disaster more quickly by using your backups to copy data to a secondary site.

File System Replication

Perform periodic replication from backups when they run or configure continuous replication for quicker disaster recovery:

  • Back up and replicate

  • Block-level replication

Replication Monitor

Use the central Replication Monitor to view the sync status of any replication pair for VMs, databases, and file systems and perform any of the available replication operations:

  • Planned failover

  • Unplanned failover

  • Test failover

  • Failback

  • Others