Faster Incremental Backups of Dell EMC Isilon/PowerScale with Changelist

The Commvault software uses the Dell EMC Isilon/PowerScale Changelist API for faster incremental backups.

When you have a large number of files to back up in a data set, even if only a few files were modified, regular file system incremental backups scan all the files to check for changes, which takes a large amount of time.

Changelist tracks the changes made to files between snapshots. When you run an incremental backup, only the files that changed are scanned, so the backup is faster.


  • Starting in Commvault Feature Release (11.24), for Dell EMC Isilon/PowerScale, Changelist scan is automatically enabled for newly created sub-clients. If you want to enable changelist scan for old sub-clients, contact Commvault support.

  • For the Dell Isilon/PowerScale network share backup using the ChangeList scan, when changes are high between the previous and latest snapshots, the file server ChangeListCreate job may take some time to complete. Use IsilonChangeListGenerationWaitTime additional setting to configure the wait time for the ChangeListCreate job to complete. By default, the wait time is set to 900 seconds.

Supported Versions

Dell EMC Isilon/PowerScale OneFS version and more recent versions.