File Migration to Cloud Storage


File Discovery, Archiving, and Migrating Data to Cloud is deprecated in this version. For more information about the Obsolescence Policy, see Obsolescence Policy.

Effective Release

11.21 (Version 11, Feature Release 21)


Instead of the File discovery feature, you can use the File Storage Optimization feature.

To archive your data using the Command Center, you can use Archiving Files.

You can migrate data to cloud storage using days-based retention or using a reference copy subclient.

Migration Using Days-Based Retention

If you want to archive data to cloud storage and retain it for a longer period of time, use days-based retention.

  1. Have the administrator enable days-based retention for your client computer. You cannot run synthetic full backups once you enable days-based retention.

  2. Have the administrator create a OnePass subclient, and then add the data that you want to archive as the subclient content.

  3. Have the administrator assign the OnePass subclient to a storage policy that is configured using cloud storage.


  • Do not enable deduplication on the storage policy.

  • If the stubs are backed up to cloud storage, perform a browse operation and restore the required stubs to the desired location.

Migration Using a Reference Copy Subclient

Applies To: Windows File System Agent, OnePass for Windows File Systems, UNIX File Systems Agent, OnePass for UNIX File Systems

Have the administrator configure a reference copy subclient to migrate data to cloud storage.