Getting Started with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

To get started with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, set up the Command Center, complete the database setup wizard, configure entities, create alerts, perform a backup and a restore, and then create additional database groups.

Step 1: Set Up the Command Center

Set up the Command Center in your CommCell environment. For more information, see Setting Up the Command Center.

Step 2: Complete the Database Setup Wizard

Configure the database application by completing the Database Setup Wizard.

Step 3: Configure Entities

  1. Add an access node.

  2. Add a hypervisor.

  3. Add an instance.

  4. Add a database group for content that have different backup requirements.

Step 4: Create Alerts

Create alerts to receive automatic notification about operations, such as failed jobs.

Step 5: Perform the First Backup and Restore

  1. Back up a database group.

  2. Restore one or more databases.