Getting Started with the Archiver Solution


File Discovery, Archiving, and Migrating Data to Cloud is deprecated in this version. For more information about the Obsolescence Policy, see Obsolescence Policy.

Effective Release

11.21 (Version 11, Feature Release 21)


Instead of the File discovery feature, you can use the File Storage Optimization feature.

To archive your data using the Command Center, you can use Archiving Files.

This topic describes the high-level steps that first-time users must follow to set up archiving in the Command Center.

Set Archiving Rules and Enable Archiving

Use the archiving dashboard to manage archiving rules and enable the archiving operation. For more information, see Using the Archiving Dashboard to Manage Archiving Rules and Data Protection.

The backup or archive operations run as per the schedule configured in your plan. You can assign any plan for your archiving operations.