Installing Operating System Updates as a Non-Root LDAP User

You can perform Operating System (OS) updates as a non-root LDAP user. The Hyperscale nodes are used as LDAP clients to perform the update.

Before You Begin

  • The CDS version must be v4.7.1 and above. The update procedure below includes the instructions to update CDS version.


  1. Using the system console (for example, using KVM, not SSH), login as LDAP user to the node in which the remote cache is configured and navigate to the following folder:

  2. Update the CDS binaries using the following command:

    sudo ./ -upgrade_hedvig_only

    Note must be run using the console. Do not run using SSH.

  3. Update the operating system binaries using following command:

    sudo ./

For detailed instructions about installing OS updates, see Installing Operating System Updates on HyperScale X Reference Architecture.