Migration Use Cases for Kubernetes

You can use backups and restores to migrate Kubernetes data and applications.

Application Migration Using Out-of-Place Restores

You can use out-of-place restores to migrate applications as follows:

  • From on-premise clusters to cloud-managed clusters (for example, AKS, GKE, or EKS)

  • From one cloud-managed cluster to another cloud provider (for example, between AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform)

  • From a cloud-managed cluster to a cloud IaaS cluster (for example, from GKE/EKS/AKS to AWS EC2, Azure, or Google VM instances)

Data Migration Using Backups

You can use application backups or volume backups to migrate data. You can use backups to migrate data across cloud providers, from on-premises to cloud, and from cloud to on-premises.

Restoring Kubernetes Applications Out of Place