Modifying the Path to Syslog Files in HyperScale Nodes

The path to Syslog files can be modified on the HyperScale nodes.

By default syslog files are stored in the /var/log/messages folder. If necessary, this path can be modified so that these logs are subsequently saved in the new location.

Before You Begin

  • Download the UpdateSysLogPathInHyperScaleNode workflow from the Commvault Store.

    For more information about downloading workflows, see Download Workflows from Commvault Store.

  • Deploy the workflow to make it active in the workflow engine.

    For more information about deploying the workflow, see Deploying a Workflow.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Workflows.

  2. Right-click UpdateSysLogPathInHyperScaleNode , and then click All Tasks > Execute.

    The UpdateSysLogPathInHyperScaleNode Options dialog box appears.

  3. From the Run workflow on list, select the workflow engine.

  4. In the New Sys Log Path box, type the new path for Syslog files and then click OK.


    Leave this box blank to reset to the default path.

  5. Click OK in the Informational Message dialog box.

    You can track the progress of the workflow job from the Job Controller.


An email is sent to the email ID associated with the CommCell Administrator, as soon as the workflow job is completed. The email includes information on the nodes that were successfully updated.


You may see a failure, if a node is down or is not reachable. In such situations, rerun the workflow after making sure that the node is up and running.