Monitoring the Hardware for HyperScale X Appliance

HyperScale hardware is monitored to detect and report errors in the following components:

  • Disk Drives

  • Power Supply

  • Fan

  • NIC (Network)

Dial Home for Hyperscale and Appliance Hardware Alert

The Dial Home for Hyperscale and Appliance Hardware Alert generates and sends a dial home (or call home) alert to the Administrator and when an error is detected in a disk drive, power supply, fan, or NIC, or when any of these components goes offline in the underlying hardware. This alert is generated by default for all HyperScale Appliances.

If the Appliance is installed only as a MediaAgent, then you must download the HyperScale Hardware Monitoring alert from the Commvault Store. To download the alert, see HyperScale Hardware Alerts.

Additional Alerts

The following additional alerts are recommended to monitor your HyperScale entities. For more information about creating an alert, see Creating an Alert from the Alert Wizard.