New Features for Activate in 11.22

Capture Additional Data for Windows Data Sources

In Sensitive Data Governance and File Storage Optimization, you can capture all users who accessed, modified, deleted, or renamed a file when the file system data source is a Windows computer.

For more information, see Viewing File Monitoring Information and Adding File System Data Sources to a Project.

Manage Index Servers from the Command Center

In the Command Center, you can add additional Index Servers to your environment and monitor your Index Servers. Performance and usage statistics are available directly on the Index Server properties page.

For more information, see Index Server.

Organize Files in File Storage Optimization by Using Tags

You can apply predefined or custom tags to files in File Storage Optimization. After tags are applied, you can use the tags to filter files during reviews making it easier to work with specific groups of files.

For more information, see Tag Manager.

Use Case Manager and Compliance Search to Preserve and to Discover File System Data

In the Command Center, you can use Case Manager and Compliance Search to preserve and to discover files relevant to legal proceedings.

For more information, see the following topics:

View Activate Licenses in the License Summary Report

You can view usage information about Activate licenses in the License Summary Report. The report displays information about the licenses that your organization purchased and used for Activate features, which are measured individually.

For more information, see Data Views for the License Summary Report.