New Features for Backup Agents in 11.23

Reduce the RPO to Minutes with Streamlined Log Backups Using Disk Caching for Oracle RAC Databases

You can streamline database log backup operations to run on an automatic schedule that supports log backup frequencies of under 1 hour. Streamlined log backups using caching to a disk library reduce the RPO for database instances that have a high transaction rate.

The log backups are written directly to disk mount paths that are managed by the MediaAgent, removing the need for storing the backups on production servers. The database client and the MediaAgent automatically run the log backups, independent from the CommServe server, which increases the availability of the database client and MediaAgent pair, while also reducing the load on the CommServe application. A second operation commits and registers the logs periodically to support copy operations. Log backups will continue even if the CommServe server is unavailable because of maintenance, network disruptions, or other issues.

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