New Features for Snapshot Management in 11.22

Amazon EBS Snapshots

You can now use the following agents:

  • DB2

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

For more information, see Application Consistent Backups Using EBS Snapshots.

INFINIDAT Support for Live Mount

The INFINIDAT engine supports the Live Mount feature.

For more information, see IntelliSnap Support for Live Mount.

Instant Clones with Hitachi Vantara

You can use the instant clone feature with Hitachi Vantara Thin Image snapshots.

For more informations, see Instant Clones with Hitachi Vantara.

pRDM Mount Operation for the Pure Storage FlashArray Snap Engine

You can mount snapshots directly on VMs that do not have dedicated Fibre Channel (FC) adapters, without using a physical computer as a mount proxy with the Pure Storage FlashArray Snap engine.

For more information, see pRDM Mount Operation.

Primary Remote Snap Support with the Hitachi Vantara Engines

You can use the UNIX file system agent, Linux only.

Support for Firmware and Versions


You can use the following versions:

  • Huawei OceanStor Dorado 3000 V6, 61.RC2

VM-Centric Operations Support for NetApp OCUM

VMware virtualization clients that are configured for VM-centric operations support NetApp OCUM-based replication from IntelliSnap backups.

For more information, see Replication for VM-Centric Operations.