New Features for Snapshot Management in 11.23


You can use the Dell EMC PowerMax/VMAX3/VMAX array with a new engine that creates snapshots by storing changed tracks (deltas) directly on the storage resource pool (SRP) of the source device.

For more information, see TimeFinder SnapVX(SYMCLI) Engine.

pRDM Mount Operation for the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Snap Engine

With the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Snap engine, you can mount snapshots directly on VMs that do not have dedicated Fibre Channel (FC) adapters, without using a physical computer as a mount proxy.

For more information, see pRDM Mount Operation.

Remote Snap MA with the IBM FlashSystem Storage Array

You can use a Remote Snap MA computer to run snapshot operations on the IBM FlashSystem storage array instead of the MediaAgent computer in the local host.

For more information, see Remote Snap MA.

Snapshot Agents

Amazon EBS Snapshots

With Amazon EBS Snapshots, you can now use the following agents:

  • Microsoft Server SQL

For more information, see Application Consistent Backups Using EBS Snapshots.

Snapshot Properties

New Snapshot Properties for the NetApp SolidFire Storage Array

For mount clones for the backup copy operation, you can override default IOPS for mount clones, and specify the values for the min IOPS, max IOPS, and burst IOPS.

For more information, see Snapshot Configuration Properties for the NetApp SolidFire Storage Array.

Support for Firmware and Versions

The following storage arrays have new versions or firmware.

HPE Nimble Storage

  • 5.1.x

  • 5.2.x

NetApp SolidFire

  • NetApp HCI with Element OS 11.8