New Features for Storage Management in 11.22

Hedvig Storage Management Using Command Center

You can register, access, and manage Distributed Storage clusters from the Command Center. With these capabilities, you can efficiently track Distributed Storage across solutions such as copy data management and disaster recovery.

For more information, see Hedvig Storage Management.

Metallic Cloud Storage Service

You can now configure Metallic Cloud Storage Service as a storage target.

For more information, see Metallic Recovery Reserve.

Migrating Data From HyperScale 1.5 To HyperScale X

You can migrate a HyperScale 1.5 Appliance storage pool to a HyperScale X Appliance storage pool to ensure that all new backups and other write operations to the old storage pool are automatically redirected to the new storage pool. You can perform the migration with or without the corresponding data migration.

For more information, see Migrating Data From HyperScale 1.5 To HyperScale X.