Primary CommServe Server

If you are setting-up a brand-new Commvault environment, a primary CommServe server can be setup on one of the nodes while deploying the HyperScale X Appliance.

The CommServe Server will be setup as a virtual machine (VM) on one of the HyperScale X nodes and all the nodes will be registered in this CommServe server.


If you plan to setup a HyperScale cluster with more than 6 nodes, then it is recommended to attach the HyperScale cluster to an external CommServe server, instead of deploying a built-in CommServe server, as follows:


You will require the following information to setup the primary CommServe in the appliance:

Primary CommServe hostname (FQDN)

A fully qualified hostname (FQDN) for the CommServe server.

IP Address

IP address associated with the FQDN.


Password for the admin user.

Windows product key

Windows product key for setting up the primary CommServe server.

The product key can be found on the top, front left side of each node. You can use the product key associated with any one of the nodes. See What's in the Box for more information.